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Torrent´s downloads network has gained a lot of terrain in the peer2peer file transferences area.

Its speed at downloading files and the reliability with which it provides these totally free of viruses have made the BitTorrent web one of the favourite choices when one is looking for a server with which to download files.

If you don´t know many pages with links to torrent files or you don´t want to spend too much time searching, Bit Che will be very helpful because the program will help you to make searches for torrents from multiple webpages and browsers.

To start the search you only have to insert the word or key words and activate the search button. In a few seconds, Bit Che will show you an extensive list with everything that has been found in the most popular web places, amongst them TorrentSpy, TorrentBox, MiniNova, PirateBay, Seedler...

You have to take into account, that Bit Che only provides access to the torrent files. To access the final file from that link you will have to have a download manager like BitTorrent or BitComet.
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